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Release Notes V1.3

Version 1.3 released  5-18-2002


            1.  Now records each time it connects to a server in the log file.

     WxMesg Map  

1.      The setup menu now contains two options; Program Setup and Map Landmarks.  The Map Landmarks option will be used to setup landmarks that are to be drawn on the map.

2.      The Landmark text supports two special characters.  Placing a period (.) symbol in the text field, results in a dot being drawn on the map.  Placing a pound sign (#) in the text field, results in the current date and time being displayed on the map.

3.      This program now sends a client identifier of zero to the server.

4.      Clicking on an active alert, on the map, will now show all messages for that county.  The messages will be separated by a short dashed line.

5.      Corrected the spelling for thunderstorm on the map legend.

6.      If a permission error occurs while trying to automatically save the map image, a message is displayed in the status box alerting the operator that the map image is in use.

7.      Corrected a problem with the map range calculation that was found in the 1.3 beta release.


1.      The setup menu will now allow you to specify a client identifier for this computer’s installation.  This will be used later to send specific weather messages to each client.


1.      The program now supports selective alarms for clients.  Note:  The log file may indicate an alarm was sent to a number of message clients, when in fact only one may have met the alarm requirements.

2.      If an error is encountered while decoding a message, the program will write the offending message to the log file. 

3.      Corrected the latitude for Morgan County, Kentucky.  This required updating the County_F and County_Z files.

4.      The sample alarm file, included with the full install, no longer contains any pager or email alarms.  Each user will have to establish these as necessary.


1.      The “Client” field on the alarm grid has been changed to accept the values “No”, “Yes”, or a number from 1 to 50.  This number corresponds to client id’s setup for each Message Client.  This capability will now allow you to send alarms to specific clients.  For example client #1 wants the zone forecast, while client #2 only wants warnings.  This can easily be accomplished by setting the “Client” field to 1 for the zone forecast, and “Yes” for warnings.  Setting the “Client” field to “Yes” results in all clients receiving the alarm.

2.      The Alarm grid has been expanded to support 75 alarms.


1.      Corrected a subscript error when setting the parse option to “Y” and having no words in the WxWords.dat file.


1.      Added new program, WxScheduler, to schedule user generated weather messages.




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