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Release Notes V1.4

Version 1.4 released  6-30-2002


1.      The WxPager Setup link will now point to WxPagerSetup.exe.  It was pointing directly to WxPager.exe.


1.      Made a change in the program to correct an error 380, Property Value Out of Range.


1.      After returning from the setup screen, the status line will be erased.

2.      Clicking on the map legend, with “On Top” enabled, will now display the county list in the foreground.  The “On Top” option was causing the county list behind the main window.   

3.      When an alarm expires, a message will be displayed in the status line.  

4.      When the map is maximized and then minimized, an incoming alert will display the map in its last state.  If it was maximized, it will show maximized.


1.      The request screen now contains a list of the last 20 products received.  By clicking on the down arrow, you can see that list and select one of the products to view.


1.      Corrected error 13, type mismatch, in the mesgDecode routine.  This error was generated on messages that had a bad UGC line expiration date.  The system will now replace these bad dates with the message origination date/time plus 30 minutes.

2.      Corrected error 9, subscript error, in the mesgDecode routine.  This error was generated on messages that had an improperly formatted UGC line.

3.      The program will now send the state suffix, appended to the county name, when no county or state is specified for an alarm to the Message and Map clients.  This makes these alarms act like the alarms when a county code is specified in an alarm.

4.      The server now sends the entire AFOS for processing by the clients.  This will require that all clients be updated when the V1.4 release is installed.

5.      The registration software has been changed to correct a problem some users were having when registering the software.  Because of this change, all users will be required to register their software again.

6.      Corrected error 53, File Not Found, when direct ingesting.  This error occurred when the server had more than one file to process when a client was making a request.

7.      Now has the ability to send a “no data alert” to a Message Client. 

8.  Now supports user definable short pager messages.

9.  Supports the new paging setup parameters.

10.  Added additional debugging capabilities for email and pager.  Pressing control-d on the server window will show the wxpost processing windows.

11. The product + state alarm routine will now only send one email, or page, regardless of the number of ugc lines in the message.

12. Corrected an error 13, type mismatch, in the purge files routine.

     WxMesg Setup

1.      The Data Alerts window now has an option to select a Message Client ID to receive the “no data alert”.

2.      The Email Setup window will now setup the default profile for blat.  This prevents an error message in the blat log file.

3.      The Support Setup menu now has an option to setup the short pager message.  This option will allow each user to customize their message.  The message supports variables so you can change the message to meet the requirements of your area.  The current variables are as follows:

$WFO$          Weather Forecast Office from AFOS.

$MesgType$      Description of the message.

$Issued$          Time message issued in local AM/PM format.

$Issued24$      Time message issued in local 24 hour format.

$Expire$            Time message expires in local AM/PM format.

$Expire24$      Time message expires in local 24 hour format.

$Counties$      A list of the counties, based on the alarm.

$IfCounty:word$      If county names are available, include “word”.

$IfExpire:word$      If expiration time is available, include “word”.

4.      Added Paging to the Support Setup Menu.

5.      You can now setup the paging personal and group information with the WxMesg Setup program.  This alleviates the need to use WxPagerSetup or abcPager to setup user and group information.

6.      The paging setup window allows you to establish the style, size, maximum pages, and parse options like the email window.

7.      The Group names are no longer restricted to the format “Group#”.  You can now name the groups any name.

8.      Increased the number of alarm lines to 200.

9.      The alarm entry screen will now make the product code all uppercase.

10. The alarm entry screen will now make the state code all uppercase.

11.  The email and paging screens will not allow you to delete a group that is used in an alarm.


1.      Changed the program to try 3 times to get the ID= from the carrier.

2.      If the WxUsers.txt or WxGroups.txt file is not in the proper format, an error message will be displayed.

3.      Corrected a subscript error that appeared when paging to a group.

4.      WxGroups.txt renamed to WxpGroup.txt.

5.      WxUsers.txt renamed to WxpUsers.txt.


1.      If the WxMesg Server is running in the email/pager debug mode, blat will write additional debugging information to the WxEBlat.tmp file.


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