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Release Notes V1.5

Version 1.5 released  7-31-2002  


1.      Changed the file name validation routine to agree with WxIngest.

2.      Added a menu option to change the default WxMesg Server ingest directory.  The program will default to the one entered in the WxMesg Setup program.


1.      Writes the total block count, bad block count and error percentage to the log file once an hour.  It also resets the stats every hour.

2.      Corrected an Error # 5 in the program.

3.      Added the ability to enter the ingest path.  The program will default to the one entered in the WxMesg Setup program.


1.      The setup screen has been reorganized and now uses tab dialog boxes.

2.      Added the ability to play sounds.  Operates like the message client.

3.      If you click on a message type, like “Tornado Warning”, the county list will appear as it has in the past.  You will now be able to click on the county name and see the message text.

4.      When you change colors on the setup screen, the color dialog box will show the previous color.

5.      You can now set the text color for the watch/warning types.  To change this color, right click on the watch/warning’s color button on the setup screen.

6.      The size of the status box has been increased.  The size of the font used in the status box has been increased.

7.      Corrected a problem in WxFtp that was causing the ftp transfer of the map image to fail.

8.      If no alarm sounds have been defined, the program will not play the default windows beep.

9.      Pressing control-s while the map program is active will cause the program to save the map image using the “save map on change” routine.  If you are using a ftp command, the ftp transfer will be started.

10.  The Settings tab now has an option to set the “Status Message” style.  The status message, below the map, shows new alarms as they are received.  You can now select whether to show these messages in the color of the type of alarm that is being received.  Messages not related to arriving alarms are displayed with a white background and black text. The Status Message Style can be set to Default – background is white, text is black; Map Color – background is text color, text is map color; or Text Color – background is map color, text is text color.  These colors are setup on the Alarm Colors setup tab.


1.      The setup screen has been changed to support 9 different alarm types/sounds.

2.      When you change colors on the setup screen, the color dialog box will show the previous color.

3.      The dividing line between messages has been changed from a dash to a solid line.

4.      Corrected the way the separator lines were being show, when the connection to the WxMesg Server was rejected.


1.      Now supports 9 alarm types.

2.      Updated product.dat to include messages codes; STA - SPC Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm Reports, SWX - Space Weather, WOU - Watch Outline Update.

3.      If the message file name and path are wider than the “Processing File Name Box”, only the file name will be shown.

4.      Corrected a problem that caused the WAR code to fire an alarm inappropriately.  Although this did not cause a problem, it caused some messages to be sent twice.

5.      Modified all programs to close files in their respective error routines.  In order to make the programs continue to operate under error conditions, these changes were necessary.

6.      Will now decode the SAW product.  To alarm this product, enter a state on the alarm setup screen.  The product description will read “Preliminary Notice Thunderstorm Watch” or “Preliminary Notice Tornado Watch”.

     WxMesg Setup

1.      The alarm setup screen will now allow you to specify 9 different alarm types.  These types correspond to sounds that can be played on the message client.


1.      Added a 1 millisecond delay to the comm. port read and write routines.  This alleviates the 90 to 100% cpu usage.

2.      Added additional error checks.  The program will now record additional error information in the pagerlog.txt.


1.      Selects the WxMesg ingest path as default.  If it is not present, it will default to the RealEMWIN ingest directory.

2.      Shows the ingest path on the screen.


1.      Corrected a problem with long file names.  Some ftp servers and this ftp control do not like long file names.  The program now converts these to short file names before sending them.


1.      Added an option to the menu to launch notepad.  This will assist with editing custom messages.


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