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Release Notes V1.2

Version 1.2 released  1-29-2004

1.      The program now uses the correct wind chill calculation.  I had picked up the old wind chill formula by mistake.  

2.      The program now displays the printer dialog box before printing.  This will allow users to change the printer and printer properties.

3.      Added a setup option to show the temperature for the first station in the system tray.

4.      The program will now allow you to register it after the expiration period.

5.      Corrected a problem when the “run from system tray” option was unchecked.  The program appeared in the task bar, but disappeared when the window was minimized.

6.      The wind chill and heat index will not be populated with a value if it does not apply.  The wind chill was showing zero when it should have been blank.  

7.      Changed the grid elements to support word wrap.

8.      Change the row to allow for resizing of row height.

9.      The program will now remember the row height setting.

10. The setup screen’s settings tab now has the option “Run From System Tray”.  Uncheck this box to run the program from the task bar.



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