Weather Message

Release Notes V1.2

Version 1.2 released  8-30-2002  


1.      Added an option to overwrite pending files.  This option can be set for each priority queue.

            2.      The program will no longer discard duplicate file names.

            3.      The duplicate file function now operates properly.

4.      Modified the original 10 priority retransmission software to work with weather message.

5.      The program now ingests files based on a user defined path.  Any ingest program can be used to feed the retransmission engine.

6.      Added a CW speed factor to adjust the CW speed.  Also changed the CW routine to send better spaced CW.

7.      Now used the new WxPurge program for purging the RtXmit and RtSent directories.  Files older than 2.5 hours will be deleted.

8.      Added a transmitter delay interval.  It is set by default to 300 milliseconds.



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