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Release Notes V1.8

Version 1.8 released  10-30-2003


1.      Added a queue status screen.  This screen shows the number of messages pending in each queue.  It also shows the maximum number of items to accumulate in each queue during the past 24 hours.

2.      Optimized the checksum calculation routine.

3.      Changed the setup screen to allow the operator to unselect an ingest engine.  Unselecting an ingest engine did not update the corresponding registry entry.  The next time the program loaded, it loaded the previously selected ingest engine.


1.      Corrected a problem with the receive data routine that in certain circumstances would cause the program to crash with an error 5.

            2.  Added a View Logfile option to the menu.

3.      Corrected the screen size.

4.      If the server has reached the maximum number of connections, it will send an updated list of servers to the next connected client before disconnecting the client.  This will make sure the client has a current list.


1.      Included revised V2.3 program.  


1.      Included revised V2.3 program.  


1.      Included the revised V2.3 program.



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