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Release Notes V1.9

Version 1.9 released  1-31-2004


1.      Replaced zip software with correct problem with unzipping Noaa zip archives.

2.      The program now creates the packet file date/time in UTC time, regardless of the computer time zone.

3.      The program can now serve data to the WxBBSrvr (Byte Blaster Server).  This option is set on the System tab.  When enabled, the server will send packets to WxBBSrvr.  Setting this option will also cause WxBBSrvr to be a private byte blaster server.  This option can be useful to those retransmission operators that want to have an Internet backup server for their local content.


1.      Moved the Options menu under File and renamed it Setup.  This makes this program look like the other Weather Message programs.

2.      Added a Server Status screen.  This screen can be view by clicking on Help and Server Status.

3.      The program will no longer display the error message 20102, “You cannot change the Remote Host at this time.”  This is not an error condition.

4.      The program will display a warning message if the ingest programs have not been setup for byte blaster server support.

5.      The program now receives data from the ingest programs using UDP.  It is no longer necessary to read the data from the BBTemp directory.  This capability now allows for multiple byte blaster servers on the same local subnet using only one WxByte program.  Contact Weather Message support for additional information.

6.       If the program receives data from the WxReTran, it automatically switches the server to private operation.

7.      The program will now check to see if Byte Blaster Server support is enabled on both the Ingest and Retransmission programs.  If both are enabled, the program will display a message and terminate.  The program can only receive data from one source Serial/Internet or Retransmission.

8.      The TCP/IP port and Maximum number of users can now be setup on the setup screen.

9.      Added an option to store the log file daily.  Enabling this option enables it for all programs.

10. Remove the duplicate connection check.


             1.  Updated the radar sites file with the latest radar site information.

2.      Added an option to retrieve using the http protocol.  This seems to be much faster than using ftp.

3.      Added the capability to specify which radar image to download.  Also added the capability to specify the file name to use when placing the image in the ingest directories.

4.      Added additional status messages for the http transfer.

5.      If a radar image is not available, the program will now show and copy a “Radar Unavailable” image.


1.      Included revised V2.4 program.   See Weather Message release notes for changes.


1.      Included the revised V2.4 program.  See Weather Message release notes for changes.



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