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Release Notes V2.0

Version 2.0 released  5-20-2004


1.      Added a 19.2K speed option. 

2.      Changed the code used to copy received files to the queue directories. 

3.      Added options to the File menu to export and import the Weather Message registry entries.  This will allow users to export their settings for backup.  (This exports all Retransmission and Weather Message registry entries.)  The user would need to backup the *.txt and *.dat files to have a complete backup.

4.      Changed the error handling routines in the ingest and priority processing routines.  This should have no effect on users, while allowing the program to have more control over error conditions.

5.      Redesigned the error handling routines.  This reduced the program size 4K.


1.      The program now runs from the system tray.

2.      The log file routine will now check for file locks and retry before reporting an error.


1.      Included the revised V2.5 program.   See Weather Message release notes for changes.


1.      Included the revised V2.5 program.  See Weather Message release notes for changes.



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