Release Notes V2.10

Version 2.10 released  12-24-2006  


     Weather Message Server  

1.      Corrected a problem with the command line mode.

2.      Changed the archive routine to allow a % sign in the url username.

3.      The program will now send latitude and longitude information for messages coded with “any county” (ALC000).  This change requires WxMap to be upgraded with the server.

4.      Corrected a problem with alarms tripping that do not have a state or county and follow an alarm with VTEC.

      WxMcli Message Client

1.      Increased the number of Product Colors to 150.

2.      When the password exit option is used, the program will no longer display the main form when the request for password window is displayed.

3.      Corrected an error 91 that occurred when you tried to use a second server with the receive graphics option disabled.

4.      Changed the connect routine to insure the TCP/IP reconnect timer was stopped.

5.      Implemented changes to correct printer error 482.


1.      Increased the number of Other Colors to 150.

2.      Upgraded the mapping component to the latest version.  This should fix some registration problems.  Please report any trouble with this update.

3.      It was discovered that VTEC was not enabled for FFW.  The program will now create an internal VTEC entry for the FFW product.  This will make it work like it did in previous releases.

4.      The program now tries to match “other color” products first by vtec, then by product identifier.

5.      Changed the program to automatically redraw the map with each change.  A couple of customers were having an issue with counties not clearing.

6.      Added an Active Alarms window under the Map menu.  The window is basically for debugging, but may remain if users think it is useful.

7.      Updated with the latest map ocx.

8.      When saving the map image to a local directory, the internal delay will be disabled.  The delay is necessary for ftp saves, but it not needed for local directories.

9.      Changes to support the “any county” (ALC000) coding.

10.  Changed the connect routine to insure the TCP/IP reconnect timer was stopped.

11.  Implemented changes to correct printer error 482.


1.      Now checks for server error 20152.  When this occurs, it resets the server ip address for the next download.

2.      Corrected a “block not set error” that could occur when the program could not resolve the noaa server’s ip address.

3.      When using a proxy server, the program will not resolve the base host name.


1.      Added a new mode option for Snpp.  


1.      Changes to the email routine to activate the priority flag in Outlook Express when the priority option is enabled.

2.      Corrected a problem with using the parse option to replace a string with a comma.  Entering the line word,’,’ will now replace word with a comma.


1.      Minor changes to the send ftp file routine to suppress error 10053.


1.      The program now checks for changes every 15 seconds.

2.      Corrected a problem with saving the default message.  If the message was shorter than the original, part of the original message remained.